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Wednesday News and Notes: More Gamecocks Previews and News Around the SEC

Check out Leftover Hot Dog's take on some of the Gamecocks that will make a difference this year.

Two important UT receivers down. Austin Rogers is out for the season after undergoing ACL reconstruction and Denarius Moore stands to be out for the first few games while rehabbing a broken foot. Moore will likely be back when the Vols play us. Those first few games will be rough, as they only have 1 other guy with more than 10 career receptions. Junior had better hope Bryce Brown is as good as advertised.

Urban Meyer says he will never coach Notre Dame. While coaches often say this stuff without meaning it--Nick Saban, anyone?--I tend to believe Meyer, his statements that Notre Dame is his dream job notwithstanding. He has the best job in the country right now, and while I believe Meyer could win more games in South Bend than Charlie Weiss has in recent years, winning there would be tougher than it is at Florida. Meyer would be a fool to leave, and he probably knows it.