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Monday News and Notes: Suspension Updates, Cadarious Sanders Commits, and Ron Morris on Steve Spurrier

Steve Spurrier reports that Kyle Nunn, Ladi Ajiboye, and C. C. Whitlock will all miss games over the course of the season due to prior disciplinary issues. Nunn and Ajiboye will likely miss multiple games, whereas Whitlock will only miss one. Spurrier has not stated which games the three would miss, but I would assume that these will be select-game suspensions, probably against relatively lighter opponents Florida Atlantic and / or South Carolina State. In other words, this probably isn't too big of a deal. These guys have done what they've needed to do to reenter the coaches' good graces, and they'll be here when we need them this fall.

Three-star Georgia cornerback prospect Cadarious Sanders has committed to South Carolina. The athletically gifted Sanders has run a 4.4 and only allowed two pass completions this past year. He had an offer from Ole Miss and was drawing interest from big-time programs such as Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech and LSU. He looks like a winner, and considering that cornerback is a position of need right now, this is an important pickup. Welcome aboard.

Finally, Ron Morris has (another--surprise, surprise) good article up at The State, this time on what drives Steve Spurrier at USC. Morris's basic point is that Spurrier wants the distinction of being the coach to finally succeed at USC, a distinction that will cement Spurrier's legacy as one of the game's all-time great coaches. This is what I've thought all along about Spurrier's motivation here. However, for some reason people can't stop questioning Spurrier's dedication here. Morris gives some insight into why that suspicion is misplaced.