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Tuesday News and Notes: More Thoughts on Spurrier at Media Days, Axon Update, and Nicknaming Devan Downey

Senator Blutarsky has his take up on last weeks fracas involving Steve Spurrier and Tim Tebow. In the name of fighting the effects of UGA-colored glasses everywhere, I'm going to have to take issue with a couple of his assumptions.

1. Steve Spurrier did not come off badly at Media Days. The media itself did. Other than that I'm still at a loss to explain why Spurrier's aide saw fit to leave Tebow off the ballot, this story was a non-issue. Blutarsky says Spurrier embarrassed the coaching profession. If so, then so has UGA golden boy Mark Richt, who has admitted to doing the same thing. And I'm sure they're not alone. As far as whether USC fans like the positive things Spurrier had to say about Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow, I personally could care less. Spurrier was grilled by a media that unrepentently focused not on Spurrier's own team but on the Tebow situation. Spurrier was just answering the questions.

2. There will be no cringe-worthy moment at Spurrier's retirement when someone asks him if it's possible to win in Columbia. While no South Carolina fan will argue that the last couple of years haven't been disappointing, you also won't find anyone that will argue that, overall, the last decade has been much better than the previous decade. Things may not be moving as quickly as Spurrier or most of the fan community would like, but they're not moving in the wrong direction. If we continue to recruit well and bring in good coaches, one day the wins will come. And then we'll say we told you so.

There. I feel better now.

A couple of other bits of news:

Ben Axon's charges have been reduced. However, his future at the University is still uncertain. Frankly, his actions cause one to seriously question his character. If the University and coaches elect to give him a second chance, I support their decision, but they should do so with extreme caution.

Help Devan Downey find a nickname.