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Tennessee at South Carolina: Post-Game Thoughts / Topics for Discussion

A few quick thoughts on the game:

1.The biggest problem with this team continues to be pass defense. I'll give credit to Tennessee's QBs for delivering some nice passes, but part of the blame goes to our continual inability to play tight coverage. Chris Culliver was schooled yet again today, and Stephon Gilmore continues to look bad at times. We have guys out of place, there seems to be really poor communication between our players, and guys aren't doing enough to contest the ball when the pass is delivered. Another overall poor effort from these guys. Luckily, a stout pass rush bailed them out for the most part--the defensive line played lights out today.

What do you think about the pass D? Can it be helped this year, or should we just start bringing the house on passing downs and hoping we can get to the QB before he releases the ball?

2. Don't know what to say about special teams other than they've gotten bad. We have no return game, and Spencer Lanning seems to have lost his touch. Lanning still punts well, but that's about all we've got on special teams.

3. Not really sure what to say about the offense today. There was some shaky play calling at points, and Garcia had a bit of an off day. However, there were definitely some bright spots (Marcus Lattimore running out of the I was it for me), and you really can't complain about 31 offensive points. If our defense was playing well, that would always be enough. Unfortunately, I fear that next week against Arkansas we're going to need the offense to play it's best game of the season, because it's going to be a shootout.