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Scouting Arkansas at South Carolina: What to Watch for on Special Teams and When Carolina Has the Ball

3. Punt Returns

Arkansas's Joe Adams is one of the nation's best punt returners and has a 90+ TD return to his credit. Adams may not play in this one, but if he does, watch for him to influence the game with some big returns. Luckily, punt return coverage hasn't been as much of a problem for us this season as other special teams units.

2. Sack Attack

Arkansas ranks seventh in the country in sacks. Although I've been relatively impressed with how Stephen Garcia has dealt with pressure over the past couple of games, it's hard to forget Aub...err, Garcia's past, and the burden may be on Garcia to prove his level-headedness again this weekend.

1. Arkansas's Rushing Defense

The Hogs have relatively respectable numbers against the pass, although they have had a bad game or two in that regard, such as against Ole Miss. Where the Hogs haven't done so well, though, is against the run. I'm not just talking about the fact that Auburn ran for over 300 yards against Arkansas--many of us have been there and done that against the Tigers' running game. Arkansas also gave Mark Ingram the performance that most resembles the kind of play that Ingram based his Heisman candidacy on last year. Many of Ingram's yards came late in the game, and I suspect that if we can control time of possession in any measurable degree, Marcus Lattimore will have a ball against these guys late in the game.