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The Daily Feed // 10.07.10


Gamecocks Continue Alabama Week | Gamecocks Online

"I just want to encourage all of our fans and our students to really be a class act this weekend," said head coach Steve Spurrier following the workout. "GameDay is here. The whole nation will be watching. I think the last time they were here, some of our students or fans were giving Lee Corso some grief."

He's right, but we'll see how that goes...

Can the Gamecocks beat No. 1? - Football |
Spoiler alert: Lou Holtz picked us to win.

Alabama vs South Carolina: A Historical Retrospective | Roll 'Bama Roll
Kleph from Roll 'Bama Roll takes the time to compile all you'd ever care to know about our (ahem) rivalry with Alabama. Enlightening.

Top-ranked Tide rolls into Columbia to take on Gamecocks |
The Kansas City Star continues its bewildering, yet thorough, coverage of the Gamecocks. Seriously thorough... and bewildering.

Matthews Won't Put Tide On A Pedestal |
Steve Carell wants to know what this headline even means.

Two Students with the Same Name Strike up a Friendship | University of South Carolina
Two Devin Taylors! What are the odds? If only the other Devin Taylor looked as good on a football field.




5 Reasons Why ESPN GameDay Chose The SEC (Again) | Saturday Down South
What? Other conferences whining about the SEC? I'm shocked.

Reasons, We Got Your Reasons Here! | The Rubber Chickens
TRC adds some of their own reasons.

Horseshoe History - Quick Facts | Spurs Up
Learn a little about what makes the Horseshoe special.

Football Gameday Shuttle | USC Vehicle Management & Parking Services
A friendly reminder about the regular shuttles for Saturday's game.

Updated Game Day Information | Gamecocks Online
The ESPN GameDay Shuttle will take fans parked near the stadium to the Horseshoe on campus for ESPN College GameDay. The service will begin at 8 a.m., with pick up at the main gate of the Fairgrounds, located on Rosewood Drive.



Letters to the reader 10/7 | Columbia City Paper

Dear University of Southern California,

You’ve tried to do away with "USC" gear for the Gamecocks and now you just won a suit over the interlocking "SC" logo, too? Can we maybe have the "South" part of South Carolina, even though they’re the first few letters of "Southern"? Would that be okay?


Speaking of legal trouble, it seems like you folks have way bigger fish to fry these days in your athletics department.




Pace's Will Sport commits to South Carolina | Pensacola News Journal
Interview with our newest member of the 2011 class.



No. 20 South Carolina Suffers C-USA Loss At No. 8 SMU | Gamecocks Online
SMU has had our number since I've been following the team. we lost 3-1.