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The Daily Feed // 10.08.10



Gamecocks Practice Thursday | Gamecocks Online

Alabama vs. USC Football Preview | Leftover Hot Dog
You never go against the Family.

Tide defense has tough job against Gamecocks receiver |
If there's an area where we might have an advantage, receiver might be it. (H/T: Roll 'Bama Roll)

Gamecocks a sleeping giant, or have they just been sleeping? |
This article has all the usual trappings of someone writing about South Carolina from an outsider's perspective. Question whether USC will ever win the SEC? Check. How long will Steve Spurrier be at USC? Check. Mention our recruiting disadvantages? Check. Todd Ellis does provide some nice quotes, though. (H/T: Roll 'Bama Roll)

USC-Alabama: Key Matchups |
Every matchup is going to be key, but especially these.

Shame On The SEC East Teams | Saturday Down South

Shame on Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina this year in a year when Florida is down and able to be beaten. 

Um, neither Georgia nor South Carolina have played Florida yet. And nobody in their right mind was even considering Tennessee as a legitimate SEC East contender. Also, check out this caption.

SEC East Teams Have Not Been Able To Catch Florida At A Bad Time

Only two of five SEC East teams have even played Florida yet! Is this post coming to us from the future?

11 Up for Kenny

Right after the moment of silence on Saturday for Kenny McKinley, hold up your first two fingers in the air for a few seconds. Just like the peace sign, but closer together. Pretty close to an "11."

A Chance To Add To Spurrier’s Legacy | Saturday Down South

I don’t think I’m out of line when I say Spurrier’s tenure at South Carolina has been mildly disappointing. Don’t give me the "perspective" argument, because simply winning more games than you lose and going to third-tier bowls is not acceptable any more to South Carolina fans, and I think Spurrier would agree. Spurrier’s legacy has taken a hit with his failure with the Redskins and inability to move the Gamecocks into the upper echelon of the SEC. He’s no longer the "Evil Genius", he’s just the "Head Ball Coach". (H/T: The Rubber Chickens)

Cunningham Settles Into Role |
Wesley who?

"Behind Enemy Lines:" Tuscaloosa News' Chase Goodbread | Spur of the Moment

South Carolina Gamecocks: Top 10 Players So Far This Season | Bleacher Report
What, no Patrick Dimarco?

Wear it, share it: USC vs Alabama |
Photo feature of preparations for USC's showdown with Alabama.



The Mixtape: 5 Things To Do For ESPN's 'College GameDay' | The Daily Gamecock
The list includes:

1) Camp out - You can camp out on the 'Shoe over night?! How cool is that?

2) Make signs - It wouldn't be GameDay without the witty signs. Step it up this weekend, folks.

3) Paint Up - Chances are, your summer tan is already wearing off. Nothing a 5-gallon jug of garnet paint won't fix.

4) Pump Up the Student Section - You only go around once.

5) Don't Curse Lee Corso Out - Yeah, the whole "I hate Lee Corso" thing is played out. We don't want him to pick us anyways.

There you have it. By the way, check out the photo credit on the second picture.

ESPNU College GameDay Tour Also in SC on Saturday | Spurs Up
There will be a minibus and a live DJ.

Letter to the Editor: Blackout shows students’ unity, school spirit at Alabama game | The Daily Gamecock
Apparently there is going to be a blackout in the student section on Saturday.



South Carolina Baseball Continues Fall Scrimmages This Weekend | Gamecocks Online
The South Carolina baseball team continues fall practice this weekend with scrimmages on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Carolina Stadium.



Gamecocks hit road on hot streak | The Daily Gamecock

Coming off a pair of knockout performances against Ole Miss and Mississippi State, the Gamecocks will look to extend their three-game winning streak this weekend when they hit the road to take on Auburn and Alabama.



Men's soccer to face Tulsa | The Daily Gamecock

Tulsa ranks seventh in the nation in scoring offense, scoring 2.5 goals per game, and is undefeated at home. Austin Neil leads the Hurricanes with eight goals and 16 shots on goal, while Ashley McInnes has five goals and four assists.