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Friday News and Notes: Spurrier Conference Call, NCAA Tourney Expands to 68, and Other News

A few news bites to get your weekend started right:

Steve Spurrier's SEC Conference Call Comments - Team Speed Kills. Year 2 recaps Steve Spurrier's comments on the SEC coaches conference call. There's nothing here that's particularly out of the ordinary in terms of what we've been hearing from Spurrier lately. Except for one thing: Spurrier likes the new taunting rule. You know, the one that could cause TDs to be negated and that everyone hates. How the man that gave us "Peyton came back for his senior season because he wants to win another Citrus Bowl MVP" likes this rule is beyond me.

The Associated Press: NCAA approves 68-team men's basketball tourney. Hoops fans dodge a bullet:

On Thursday, the NCAA's board of directors approved expansion from 65 to 68 teams and endorsed a proposal to add three more opening-round games to the schedule. It's only the second time in a quarter-century that the NCAA has increased the number of teams competing for the men's national championship.

Now it's time to start mapping out the details, which could include putting at-large teams in the early games.

Kentucky Basketball: C.J. Leslie Stays Home - A Sea Of Blue. Did John Calipari just miss out on a recruit?

Reefer Madness - Arkansas Expats. Two Arkansas players were arrested for marijuana possession. Unfortunately, Ryan Mallett wasn't one of them.