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2012 South Carolina Gamecocks Potential Two-Deep: Offense

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Let me know if I'm missing something and whether you disagree with any of these projections. I'll have a few thoughts / concerns below.

QB: Connor Shaw; Tanner McEvoy
RB: Marcus Lattimore; Brandon Wilds / Shon Carson
FB: Dalton Wilson
WR1: DeAngelo Smith; Shaq Roland
WR2: Ace Sanders; Nick Jones
WR3 (slot): Damiere Byrd; Shamier Jeffery
TE: Justice Cunningham; Rory Anderson
OT: Cody Gibson; Brock Stadnik
OT: Mike Matulis; Brandon Shell
C: T.J. Johnson; Ronald Patrick
OG: A.J. Cann; Kyle Harris
Ronald Patrick; Joe Harris

--Runningback will be an interesting position to watch next year. First of all, we've yet to see how quickly Lattimore will recover from his injury. If he's not 100% by the opening of the season, that will open the door for more playing time for Wilds, Carson, or, potentially, Kenny Miles. The other thing to watch is who the main backup is once Lattimore is back to full strength. Wilds would be the obvious choice, but his profile is similar to Lattimore's, so I wonder if you'll see us use Carson more for a change of pace. Of course, we might run both Lattimore and Wilds as primary backs and work Carson in behind the two of them.

--I only listed one FB. We currently aren't running a lot of I formation, so I'm not sure how much you'll see Wilson. With Shaw under center and lots of talent at WR and TE, I expect you'll see more spread sets.

--WR is another position to watch. First of all, you have the Bruce Ellington situation. If he comes back, he'll be in the mix for a starting position in the slot. However, I have a feeling he may stick with basketball. You also have Shaq Roland. DeAngelo Smith was Alshon Jeffery's backup this year and has shown flashes of potential, but can he lock down a starting spot with Roland nipping at his heels? Maybe not for long. Then you have some other interesting questions. Ace Sanders and Damiere Byrd have both played slot in the past, but you have to imagine that they'll be on the field together quite a bit. They're too good to sit much, and plus both are useful on the jet sweep, which will likely remain a part of our offense the more we trend towards the read-option. I also wonder what we'll do to get talented players like Nick Jones and Shamier Jeffery on the field. Jeffery, by the way, may be the wildcat option if Ellington doesn't return.

--We're loaded at TE. Cunningham is the clear-cut starter for his blocking skills and reliable ability to catch the chain-moving balls, but we'll also find time to get Anderson as well as incoming guys like Jerrell Adams onto the field early and often. I expect to see some two-TE sets quite often next year.

--Offensive line play should be better next year. We lose Watkins, Campbell, and Nunn, but it's also much less likely that we'll have to play any unprepared freshmen for extended periods of time. I like the experience we have coming back.