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Who among us is Michael Roth?

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Baseball America has a well-earned reputation for loving the ACC, but they are giving South Carolina a lot of respect in their CWS coverage.  There have been a couple of quotes from Baseball America that I have absolutely loved.  While previewing the Cal-Texas A&M elimination game, Editor and MLB draft expert John Manuel says: 

I don't think [Cal starting pitcher] Kyle Porter is Michael Roth.  Who is?  Who among us is Michael Roth?... I don't even believe that Michael Roth is Michael Roth. (5:20 mark)

Manuel, a Chapel Hill alum and noted UNC-CH homer, clearly loves this Gamecock team.  He goes on to correctly predict a Carolina victory over UVa.  College writer Aaron Fit goes with the Cavs, but concedes that the Gamecock squad is "special".

I'm coming off a very hectic travel week and did not get to link this earlier, but their CWS scouting report included this gem from an anonymous SEC coach speaking of our All-American closer: 

When Price comes in the game, they know they're going to win, and they all just play that way.  He's got above average stuff and above average feel, and he is just a tough, competitive SOB.