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THE DAILY (?) FEED, 6.23.11: South Carolina College World Series Coverage VIDEO: Thursday after practice

Title self-explanatory. Tanner says that he'll start Koumas or Roth. It sounds like he's going to start Roth. The conversation suggests that Roth is ready to go on four days rest, and Tanner said he's playing one game at a time and will go with whoever gives us the best chance. If he means that and Roth is ready, I expect to see Roth. Of course, that's just speculation, and Tanner is clearly trying to play close to the vest here.

Gamecocks Baseball Field Report: Virginia Edition | Other Stuff

LOHD recaps Carolina's momentous win over Virginia.

Gamecocks Baseball: Our Take on Who Should Start Friday | Other Stuff

LOHD provides some thought on who will start tomorrow.

College World Series 2011: South Carolina, Florida on Verge of Finals Appearances - Team Speed Kills

C&F covering the SEC in the CWS.

Wednesday Baseball Practice Report From Omaha - SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS

Video coverage from Omaha. PHOTOS: Carolina over Virginia

Title self-explanatory.

Streaking The Lawn - For Virginia Cavaliers Fans

This is SBN's fine UVa blog. They're covering the CWS very closely, so check them out, particularly if UVa prevails in tonight's game against Cal, which currently appears very likely.

Lambeth Field - A University of Virginia Sports Blog

Another good UVa blog with CWS coverage.

From Old Virginia

And another, which was kind enough to link us the other day.

California Golden Blogs - For California Golden Bears Fans

This is the SBN Cal blog, which is also covering the Bears in the CWS.