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Kentucky President Bans Alcohol From Non-Reserved Tailgating Spots

What's the point of watching Kentucky football if you can't be drunk? Approximately 50,000 people will be forced to find out this Saturday.

Making the trip to the Kentucky game? Leave your booze at home or at least come up with a clever way of hiding it. University of Kentucky president Eli Capilouto announced a strict alcohol ban and increased police presence for non-reserved tailgating spots for this Saturday's game against the Gamecocks.

According this AP article, the ban is in response to a string of fighting incidents that broke out in the area at the Western Kentucky game. Capilouto has also prohibited "DJs and bands" from performing in the area around Commonwealth Stadium. In his statement, he equates DJs and bands with alcohol as instigators of violence:

Individuals or student groups promoting drinking or using DJs and bands in that area will face disciplinary action from the school's dean of students.

Here's something that nobody has ever said: "Hey, remember that time I chugged two Wilco albums and started a fight with that Jamaican guy who was selling pagers?" Also, why are there DJs and bands in the first place? Have I been tailgating wrong all of these years?

Of course, if you'd like to make a poignant social statement, you could hire My Morning Jacket to play at your tailgate while proudly drinking from a handle of Bourbon and get ticketed for consuming the state of Kentucky's two most famous exports.