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Steve Spurrier's weekly press conference

During his press conference on Tuesday, the Head Ball Coach updated the media on Mike Davis' health, opened the floor for debate on a proposed nickname for the South Carolina-Clemson rivalry, and coined the phrase "summertime talk."

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Spurrier's opening comments:

All the national media boys, they're talking about Alabama and Auburn. What do we call our game with Clemson? They've got the Iron Bowl, what do we call our game? We don't have a real name for it? Well, that'll give you media guys something to come up with. There used to be one? Well, maybe we can find a name for it and get the national guys to come look at us a little bit. But that's OK.

Spurrier, on his relationship with Dabo:

I do like Dabo. I think he's done an excellent job there. He's a good person. He's got a got a good wife--one of the nicest ladies you'll ever meet. I think we have a good rivalry with Clemson--a little different than when I got here, maybe.Talkin' bout that '04 game and so forth... We've had good, clean games with Clemson every year I've been here, and we certainly expect it to be another one.

On whether Lorenzo Ward is ready to take a job as a head coach:

I think we've got several assistants that could be excellent head coaches. Certainly, Lorenzo Ward is very capable also. I would say he's probably getting ready.

On Jadeveon Clowney's comments at SEC media days about Tajh Boyd playing scared:

Well, that was summertime talk... We've got to admit Jadeveon had a wonderful summer, now. He was out at the ESPYs and met Dwayne Wade and Lebron James and all those guys. And now the season's here. You know, there's summertime talk and there's during-the-season talk. So I don't think he's going to say anything out of the ordinary this week. But again, that's sorta summertime talk. I've probably been known to say some stuff just trying to be funny -- nothing like this. But I've always just said, "That's summertime talk or offseason talk to try to be funny around your people or sumpin' like that." But during the season or during the week of the game, we try to show respect for our opponents the best way we can.

On the health of his running backs:

Yeah, all of the sudden all of our running backs are healthy. Mike Davis should get the start. He he'll be 100 per ent. If he gets nicked up, Brandon Wilds may be next in line. And then Shon [Carson] and Jamari [Smith] after that.

On if he would rather win the SEC or beat Clemson:

I'd rather win the SEC Championship, if I had a choice... But we have no control over that. We're worried about beating our in-state rival... We've beaten Clemson before, but we've never won an SEC Championship. If we'd never beat Clemson and we'd won an SEC, I'd probably want to beat Clemson.

On whether he's keeping up with Duke's success:

Of course I am. I've always said I'm a Dukie as well as a Gator because that's the school where -- whatever kinda football coach I became -- that's where I learned whatever I learned. So I always pull for those guys. Always. Coach Cutcliffe is a wonderful guy. Their playing very well, and hopefully they can win this last one and get to the championship game.

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