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SEC Power Poll Results: 2/24-3/2

Andy Lyons

1 (unanimous). Florida Gators 56

2. Kentucky Wildcats 51

3. Mizzou Tigers 49

4. Alabama Crimson Tide 42

5. Ole Miss Rebels 41

6. Arkansas Razorbacks 35

7. Tennessee Volunteers 34

8. LSU Tigers 25

9. Georgia Bulldogs 24

10. Vanderbilt Commodores 22

11. Texas A&M Aggies 21

12. South Carolina Gamecocks 11

13. Auburn Tigers 9

14 (unanimous). Mississippi St. Bulldogs 4


They'll go 12-6 in conference, likely finish ahead of Missouri, and still have no shot at an NCAA bid unless they make a run to at least the finals of the SEC tournament.--Chicken Hoops


Win at home, lose on the road. No reason to say much else this late into the season.--And the Valley Shook


In a season fraught with wild inconsistencies, three cheers to Auburn for its five game losing streak, showing their can be some sense amidst the chaos that is conference play.--Chicken Hoops


With Tennessee, Alabama and UK left on the schedule, Florida's bubble-bursting party should last well past midnight.--Alabama Basketball Blog


The Bulldogs have played close games over the last week, but were only able to pick up a single win.--And the Valley Shook


You just can't keep those Fightin' Calipari's down. UK is not out of the woods yet, but the team showed some toughness in the past week.--Alabama Basketball Blog


The Tigers were able to win a big game against Alabama in 3OT, but still have some work to do to get to the NIT.--And the Valley Shook

Mississippi St.

When I'm having a bad day, I remember that Rick Ray and Co. lost by 41 points at home to Vandy and I realize my own problems are minor by comparison.--Alabama Basketball Blog

Ole Miss

The Rebels are putting themselves into a bad position by losing to inferior teams. The next two weeks could seal the deal either way for Ole Miss.--And the Valley Shook


I know they lost in Rupp in overtime, but I'll forgive them the road loss thanks to their win over Florida. They're clearly playing like the second-best team in the SEC right now, thanks to Bowers' return.--Chicken Hoops

South Carolina

Yes, they may be 1-2 since Martin's "living dead" comments, but the team has responded with better effort. --Alabama Basketball Blog


I think it's fair to say their five-game win streak has happened quietly, in that there's no national attention paid to SEC basketball outside the top four?--Chicken Hoops

Texas A&M

Well, if you’re going to be maddeningly inconsistent, at least do so in an entertaining way. Going to four overtimes with Tennessee – the only way the slow-paced Volunteers will ever come near 100 points – suffices.--Chicken Hoops


Waxed a bad-and-getting-worse Mississippi State team by 41 in Starkville. Alongside Georgia, the team that has done the best job of improving as the season has gone along, though their record at the end of the year won’t credit them that, thanks to overscheduling in the non-conference season and atrocious luck in close games.--Chicken Hoops