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SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: 2/3-2/9


1 (unanimous). Florida Gators 84

2. Kentucky Wildcats 76

3. Ole Miss Rebels 74

4. Missouri Tigers 65

5. Alabama Crimson Tide 61

6. Arkansas Razorbacks 52

7 (t). Georgia Bulldogs 42

7 (t). Tennessee Volunteers 42

9. Texas A&M Aggies 39

10. LSU Tigers 34

11. Vanderbilt Commodores 22

12. South Carolina Gamecocks 19

13. Auburn Tigers 14

14. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 7


Alabama has quietly moved back to the top of the rankings, though it may be too late for them to make the Big Dance without winning the SEC tournament.--And the Valley Shook


Arkansas is so tough at home, I'm just crazy enough to believe they will challenge Florida this week.--Alabama Basketball Blog (yep, submitted before last night, and pretty prophetic)


Concerning two losses – it’s one thing to drop both contests away to Missouri and Georgia, but they just haven’t been close enough in enough games to be any higher at the moment.--Chicken Hoops


That seven game run was the fourth most dominant since 2000 by a team in conference play. They just need to stave off boredom.--Chicken Hoops (another prophetic post?)


Dawgs could legitimately finish in the top half of the conference and still have a losing record on the season.--Georgia Sports Blog


From 'who are these guys' to a defensive machine. Calipari gonna Calipari.--Georgia Sports Blog


LSU finally showed some heart as they picked up two big wins over Missouri and Mississippi State.--And the Valley Shook

Mississippi St.

That 2-0 start in the conference sure was a long time ago.--Georgia Sports Blog

Ole Miss

Their only losses are to the first and third best team in the conference. That’s more than Kentucky can say, so they get to stay second on my ballot. Tough week, but doesn’t change the fact this is a very good team. The game at Missouri will be very interesting next Saturday.--Chicken Hoops


Got clipped in Baton Rouge, but still a dangerous team. Will be interesting to see if they can pay Mississippi back for the beatdown they received in Oxford a few weeks ago.--Chicken Hoops

South Carolina

They crush Arkansas on the road, and then become uncompetitive. 36 points against the Gators?--A Sea of Blue


A listless loss to Arkansas has the Volunteers looking for offensive answers.--Georgia Sports Blog

Texas A&M

It could have been a big week for the Aggies, but they weren't able to finish against Kentucky at home.--And the Valley Shook


Two painfully close losses in Knoxville and home to Alabama last week. Maybe Kevin Stallings flirted with the USC job in the offseason so he could avoid the mess this season has become in Nashville?--Chicken Hoops