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Half Cocked Show Podcast, Episode 97: The Glass Is Half Cocked

I entered "Howard's rock" into our photo tool, and this is the only thing that came up. Deal with it.

Bruce Bennett

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Inside this week's edition of Half Cocked, the Garnet And Black Attack podcast:

00:00 Intro
08:45 Outback Bowl 2013/The Hit
17:09 Howard's Rock
22:19 Arden Key commitment and comments
24:22 Overall feelings about the 2014 and 2015 recruiting classes
31:57 The Final Cockdown
47:56 NCAA Football '14
47:09 Listener Mail
1:00:56 Good night

Links of interest:
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Howard's Rock vandalized
Arden Key's commitment and comments
The Final Cockdown
NCAA Football '14 top ten South Carolina players