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2014 NFL Draft: Analyzing Jadeveon Clowney's intense ESPN promo for potential red flags

Jadeveon Clowney was the subject of a 30-second promo for ESPN's coverage of the 2014 NFL Draft. Join us as we make educated guesses about how this footage will be used against him.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft analysts will inevitably use this video as ammunition for their ceaseless braying about how Jadeveon Clowney is lazy, an atrocious football player, and an even worse human being. Let's guess what Merril Hoge's or Warren Sapp's or Nolan Nawrocki's scouting notebook might look like after giving it a watch:

Hard to deny that he looks powerful in this drill, but there won't be any inanimate objects lining up across from him on week one.

Effort level leaves a lot to be desired. Can't even be bothered to go inside in the pouring rain.

Concerns about his conditioning. Audibly panting after just five seconds of slow-mo exertion.

A lot of wasted effort. Takes a circuitous route to the tackling dummy in the middle.

Comes across as vain. You look great with your shirt off, Jadeveon. WE GET IT.

Is he too attractive? Might be a locker room distraction if he ends up on a team with a Michael Sam type.

What's he doing filming a commercial at night? Raises questions about his social skills. Shouldn't he be at the club with his entourage?

In case it needs to be clarified, all of those were made-up opinions that I don't really believe. But here are some actual hot takes culled from the YouTube comments on this video:







OK, that last one is actually quite funny.