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NFL Draft Takeover: Mike Davis Edition.

Noted Internet funny man took over the reigns of its Facebook and Instagram accounts for a day.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and while players are readying themselves for the trip to Chicago, the NFL figured it would be a good idea to show how personable and forward thinking they are by letting some of the spotlight players take over their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Yesterday's selection was none other than noted dabbler in the electronic media: South Carolina's former star Running Back, Mike Davis.

A few hours with the NFL's social media entirely in Mike's often hilarious clutches? LET'S GO!

Now, we all know that Mike Davis has been known to offer random nuggets of wisdomgive off-the-wall assertionscatch teammates sleepingrecord intriguing videoscapture hilarious candid momentsconduct massively entertaining interviews, and try to catch more people sleeping, but we're talking about the NFL's social media presence here, but with Mike, there's always some hope.

The format of the 'Takeover', which runs each day this week until Thursday's Draft, features a couple of hours where the player can document their journey to the draft using the #DayInTheLife #Takeover and #NFLDraft hashtags through Instagram posts. Each player also participates in a 30 minute Q&A session on Facebook.

SO...What happened?

Well, sadly nothing too funny happened. However, we did get some solid insight into his preparation for the upcoming draft, a bit of who Mike really is and where he came from, and some heartfelt shout-outs to Gamecock Nation. We knew things were going to be tame compared to some of Mike's biggest hits, so at least there was some decent content.

Over on Instagram, we got some shots from his old high school, Stephenson High, just outside of Atlanta, along with a quintessential MD selfie and an obligatory photo with his older brother from that school that wears orange and purple. We also got to see a shot from the gym wearing one of those 'Bane' masks designed to mimic high-altitude oxygen levels.

After that, he switched over to Facebook. You can read the whole session here, but I'll breeze through some highlights:

Most Memorable Away game at USC -

The most memorable away game of my college career would be playing at Central Florida because that game we were down at half, and we all had to dig deep and fight through the brutal heat and humidity, and ended up pulling out the victory in the end!

On what separates him from other backs in the Draft -

The thing that separates me from other running backs in this draft class is that I am an every down back.

On his Favorite memory as a Gamecock -

My most memorable moment as a Gamecock would be my first game as a starter. We played against UNC and I scored a 75-yard touchdown.

On his decision to attend South Carolina -

South Carolina was one of my first offers and they stood behind me throughout the whole recruitment process. At the end of the day, I knew that was the right choice for me.

On his favorite thing about College Football -

My favorite thing about college football was the fans. Hearing the fans at home go crazy when a big play happened, but on the same hand, playing a road game and making the fans there go completely quiet

On the feeling of having to fill in for Marcus Lattimore in 2012 -

That was one of the toughest things to have to see in person. It is something that you just don't get over quickly. Marcus was and still is a South Carolina legend, and it was definitely not easy to have to step in when he went down.

On where he sees himself in 10 years -

In 10 years, I see myself as a coach somewhere. Most likely high school.

Perhaps we were all hoping for a little more of this, or this, or this, or this, or maybe this in his time as the captain of the NFL's massive social media ship, but you'd be silly to think that the NFL would let him do this, or this, or this and have it live on forever on the interwebs. However, beyond the fact that Mike was chosen as one of only a select grouping of four guys, he was able to showcase to a broader audience the type of person he was as a bruising running back for the Gamecocks, and offered a little bit into why Mike is going to be around on Sundays for quite some time.

Forever to Thee, Mike.