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Ten Seasons of Spurrier: Top 10 Most Memorable Plays

These are plays where the Gamecocks were definitely not "poopin'" around...

Yea coach, we give these plays a thumbs up too.
Yea coach, we give these plays a thumbs up too.
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Have we done a feature similar to this? Yes. Yes we have. But while that post focused on perhaps the more strategic significance, this will look at why certain plays are memorable. Y'all ready? Cause it's time to stop hee-hawin' around and get to work.

10. Dylan Thompson QB Sneak Clinches a W over UGA

Talk about a knock down drag out type of game. After multiple weather delays that totaled a couple of hours, these two teams went back and forth all afternoon. In an instant classic that was filled with emotion and uncertainty for both teams, the Carolina defense had a goalline stand to preserve a three point lead. On 4th and inches, with 1:26 left in the game, the game came down to a QB that we just baaaaarely converted. After much review, the call on the field stood and Williams Brice Stadium rejoiced.

9. Melvin Ingram to the House

UGA just got spanked by Boise State in the Georgia Dome. Carolina was coming off an uncomfortable win over a feisty ECU team. But UGA was pissed. Their backs were against the wall and they were desperate. USC had to pull out all the stops to escape Athens, GA with just a 3 point victory. One of the most important plays of the ball game? Oh you know, just the fake punt end around play to the 276 defensive tackle for a 68 yard touchdown.

8. Josh Brown Silences Knoxville

They honored Peyton Manning that night. I don't remember if it was a jersey/number retirement or if he had a statue built (or maybe both). But I do remember it being a big deal. I also remember USC not having a single win in Knoxville before Spurrier showed up in Columbia. Well, that changed quickly under the HBC. Josh Brown booted a fairly long field goal that just barely went through the uprights.

7. The Fun N' Gun Arrives

Spurrier's first game as the HBC in Columbia. Blake Mitchell's first start. The opponent? The Golden Knights of UCF. Gameday was there. Lee Corso infamously proclaimed Spurrier would never win here. Blake Mitchell threw for 330 yards and 3 touchdowns as Carolina held on to a 24-15 win. However, on the 5th play of the game Blake Mitchell executed a play action fake and threw a beautiful ball to a streaking Noah Whiteside (it's at about the 3:20 mark of the video). As Noah trotted into the endzone, Williams Brice went crazy. The Fun N' Gun had arrived. And so had something else, far more important: renewed hope.

6. Connor Shaw Catches a Touchdown

You can score that one as a 11-23-14 touchdown pass (baseball fans, I hope you get that). This is one of the more fun plays in Spurrier's tenure. We got to see the winningest QB in school history catch a touchdown pass.

5. Alshon Catches One with His Elbow While Being Held

Bama had trimmed our 21-3 lead to a mere seven points at 28-21. A raucous crowd slowly turned anxious and tense. I'm sure most of our thoughts were along the lines of, "well guys it was a great effort, but I'm just know we'll blow it." Alshon read our minds and said, "LOL nah not this time guys. I got this." Garcia takes the snap out of the I formation, throws a nice fade route to Jeffery, Jeffery being held by Dre Kirkpatrick manages to catch the ball with one hand and race down to the 7 yard line. Carolina would score soon after, and well, you guys know the rest.

4. Connor Saves the Day (Again)

I talked about this game earlier this week. I really didn't know how high to put this play on this list. I thought it could've been anywhere from number 2 to number 5. And I think if we had ended up winning the East it would be higher. Anyways, on 4th and goal from the fifteen yardline, Carolina had to have a touchdown if they wanted to continue the game. Connor did what he usually did. He answered the call.

3. Ace Sanders Punt Return vs. UGA

Quite possibly the most national (positive) attention this football team has received to date was the week leading up to this game. Gameday was present, it was a top 10 matchup between SEC rivals. The stage was set for an all-time classic to happen in Columbia, SC on Ocotober 6th of 2012. A classic did happen. You just have to be a Gamecock fan to view it that way. Already up 14-0 and about to get the ball back, UGA needed a stop to keep the game from getting out of hand. Ace Sanders was having none of that. And I'm pretty sure Williams Brice Stadium hasn't been that loud before or since that night. My ears are still ringing.

2. Clowney Sacks Tajh (4.5 times!)

Clowney owns the Tiger Stadium sack record for a single game. It's awesome. Oh and we won with a backup QB.

Afterwards Clowney famously said: "I've never lost to Clemson and I don't plan too."

1. The Hit

I don't think any words I can use to describe this play will do it justice. It's just simply awe-inspiring. The entire state of Michigan was destroyed during that 30 second time span. And I'm pretty sure Clowney single handedly ended any pro aspirations for Vincent Smith that day. Sit back. Watch. And enjoy. Mike Tirico says it best, "South Carolina deserves to have it, and they do!"