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New York Giants' Jerell Adams: South Carolina QB situation held back progress with Gamecocks

Well, this is interesting.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jerell Adams was drafted in the sixth round by the New York Giants today. He had an OK, not great, senior season at South Carolina, where he hauled in 28 catches for 421 yards and three touchdowns. He was around for the Gamecocks' last two 11-2 seasons in 2012 and 2013, where he had Dylan Thompson and Connor Shaw as quarterbacks - who are both in the NFL.

Today, during a media session shortly after he was drafted, Adams made a comment that raised some eyebrows.

Granted, 2015 was a merry-go-round in the QB department with Connor Mitch, Perry Orth and Lorenzo Nunez all getting starts. But let's not forget that Thompson and Shaw combined for 11,000+ yards passing and almost 100 touchdowns.

Some Twitter fans wasn't too thrilled with Adams' statement, understandably.

Some were a little more forgiving, though.

Good points from both sides. But it's still an interesting statement nonetheless.