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North Carolina Baseball coach Mike Fox tweets about South Carolina Gamecock baseball

Mike Fox mad, y'all

The Big Spur

As we all know, the North Carolina Tar Heels made mince meat of our Gamecocks when they met in Charlotte earlier this season. That game was broken open early and was not a fun experience after the 3rd inning. However, ever since then, the UNC baseball team has been on a slide. Now you may be asking, why are you writing anything about the Tar Heels baseball program? Well, my dear GABA readers, only because their head coach Mike Fox made them relevant to write about.

Apparently Mike Fox is desperate for attention because, since his team blew the Gamecocks out in Charlotte, the Tar Heels have been reeling. The Tar Heels finished 13-17 in the conference, got swept twice, and also lost 6 of their conference series. Oh, did I mention they also failed to make their own conference's tournament? That's played in their own backyard? Meanwhile our Gamecocks, while getting swept out of Hoover, went 42-15 in the regular season, went 20-9 in the conference and won the SEC East.

Our own head coach Chad Holbrook, a UNC grad himself and FORMER PLAYER for Mike Fox FORMER COACH under Mike Fox for NINE YEARS (thanks to former GABA writer Feathered Warrior for pointing that out) chose to take the high road and proclaimed his pride as a Gamecock.

Good on Chad for not getting sucked into a situation created by a bush league coach. Besides, he has no need to defend the honor of Gamecock baseball when he has GABA and the GABACast to do so for him...

We did our job apparently as Mr. Fox wasted no time to block us...

So, a final note to Coach Fox (from one coach to another, as I coach high school sports): Worry about your own team. Get them to perform well in the season and you won't need to take shots at other squads.

Kiss the rings.


Our pal Mike Fox and his North Carolina Tar Heels failed to make the tournament this year. It just goes to show, perhaps you should stop bitching and put a decent team on the field. Then you might make the postseason. Or hell, even your conference tournament.

Shoutout to our friend at Gamecockology for the edit.