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South Carolina releases two deep depth chart for Vanderbilt game

No huge surprises here.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Gamecocks released their two-deep for the Vanderbilt game, and there are no huge surprises. The QB position still lists “OR” beside all three players, which we knew would happen coming in based on Will Muschamp’s comments. Alan Knott will come off the bench due to his healing hand; Cory Helms gets the call at center. Rico McWilliams was originally listed on the chart, but has left the program.


QB: Perry Orth OR Brandon McIlwain OR Jake Bentley

WR: Deebo Samuel / Chavis Dawkins

WR: Jamari Smith / Korey Banks

WR: Bryan Edwards / Terry Googer OR Dreak Davis

LT: Mason Zandi / Malik Young

LG: Zack Bailey / Alan Knott

C: Cory Helms / Alan Knott

RG: Donell Stanley / D.J. Park

RT: D.J. Park / Blake Camper

TE: Hayden Hurst / K.C. Crosby

RB: A.J. Turner / David Williams OR Rod Talley


DE: Qua Lewis / D.J. Wonnum OR Shameik Blackshear

DT: Taylor Stallworth / Keir Thomas

DT: Kelsey Griffin / Ulric Jones

DE: Dante Sawyer / Darius English

SAM: T.J. Holloman OR Chris Moody

MIKE: Jonathan Walton OR T.J. Holloman

WILL: Bryson Allen-Williams OR T.J. Holloman

CB: Rashad Fenton

S: D.J. Smith / Jordan Diggs

S: Chaz Elder / Steven Montac

CB: Chris Lammons / Mark King

Nickel: Jordan Diggs / Rashad Fenton