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The Feed Pail: Gameday Kentucky

Can we McGyver another SEC road win? Kickoff - 7:30. TV - SECN.

Stoopsie v.3
Stoopsie v.3
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

A Sea of Blue: Q&A With South Carolina. Our blogfather Brandon "Cocknfire" Larrabee (who also co-built TSK) and our very own one man wrecking crew James Shahid both answer ASoB's interrogatories; I like how Brandon says we 'McGyvered' both our Ws this season. I am totally stealing that.  Plus Know Your Enemy: South Carolina Gamecocks.

The Big Spur: Game day objectives: Kentucky. PlusInfamous umpire honored by Kentucky. Heh.

Daily Gamecock: Gamecocks' underdog status could serve as motivation in Lexington by Lee Wardlaw.

David Caraviello: Gamecocks feeding off growing confidence of quarterback Brandon McIlwain.

O'burg Times-Democrat: Battle in the Bluegrass: USC on the road against another desperate team by Scott Hood.

SportstalkSC: USC doing work with former Alabama commit.

SEC Country: Speaking of recruiting, Hale McGranahan checks out the RB's on our board and goes over our current depth chart at that position - SpursUp Surveillance: Identifying the next possible RB commitment for South Carolina. I still hold out hope we can make a play for # 1 recruit Zamir White of nearby Laurinburg, NC.

Athlon: South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Kentucky Wildcats Preview and Prediction.

Gridiron Now: Three things to watch for South Carolina against Kentucky. It's a keckuva good thing with these previews that there's never four things or we'd really be in trouble.

"Then shall thou count to three; no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four, shall thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out!"

David Cloninger: And leave it to Cloninger to go straight to five - 5 Storylines & 5 Key Numbers.

Gamecock Central: It would be huge for # 33 to have a 100 yard outing tonight - Williams aims for another career first at Kentucky.  Also 5 dates to circle for South Carolina women's basketball. Coach D is certainly not shying away from a strong OOC slate - host UCLA, @ Ohio State, @ Texas, @ UConn - the last three all in the back half of the schedule.

SEC Rant: No pressure tonight, or anything, Stoopsie - USA Today Names Eight Potential Landing Spots For Alabama OC Lane Kiffin.

Saturday Down South: The really important gameday 411 - South Carolina announces uniform combo for Kentucky game.

ESPN: While we're on the topic of unis - Let's Get Oregon-Ized. Errrr - howsabout "Let's not!" And for the love of all that is holy - never. Why SEC Fans Dress to the Nines for Football Games. GABA finds the answers to the questions you have to know! (h/t GtP).

PS: Shameless plug if you missed it earlier - South Carolina Football's Top 5 Games Against Kentucky.