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Is It Ever a Good Idea to Tweet at Recruits?

Spoiler alert: No.

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Neve tweet.
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So, how long do we all think this early signing day nonsense is going to last? Two years? Five? It just seems like a horrible idea that will play out as intended today for the one and only time in history. After this, the NCAA will go back to the drawing board and realize this didn’t do recruits or coaches any favors.

Where do we, the fans, fit in? Well, now we have to have this chat twice a year. Let’s not dilly dally. Let’s jump right in.

There is never a good reason to tweet at a high school football player.

“But I want him to know how much we value him at Carolina!”

No. Don’t tweet. At best you look like a sad old person (your actual age doesn’t matter) stalking a high schooler’s social media presence. At worst you look like a dirty old person (again, your age doesn’t matter) stalking a high schooler’s twitter page.

“But he spurned Carolina for Clemson/UGA/Florida and I want him to know he messed up.”

You are a crazy person.

“But his dad played at Carolina and I want to remind him we’re a family!”

We are not.

“But I want him to think about how great he would be next to (insert star here)!”

Trust me. He has thought about it.

“What if I don’t send any words, but just #SpursUp?”

Oh God, please don’t do that. How old are you?

“But I’m a legit fan of this kid. I’ve watched a bunch of his games online!”

What? Why?

“But I know him/his family personally. I am just having fun with him.”

Do that in person.

I know all this seems like I am no fun. Well, look, I’m not. But also, understand that when someone with a Gamecocks logo as a Twitter avi or someone with the handle that includes the words Cocks or Carolina tweets, they are tweeting for all of us.

If you want to get excited for players you literally know nothing about yet, fine. I don’t want to stop you. I vaguely get the appeal. After all, recruiting was the most fun part of NCAA 14, but it is important we all do our part and appropriately shame people that make us all look bad.