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Jordan Rhodes “very green” but brings potential to South Carolina’s offensive line

The bulky OT from just outside Atlanta wraps up The Final Cockdown’s offensive line previews.

Massachusetts v South Carolina Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The Final Cockdown’s offensive line previews come to an end! Missed anyone from the past couple of weeks? Get caught up here.

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Jordan Rhodes

Freshman / 6’6” / 318 / Creekside / Fairburn, GA

Some say 300, some say 318, but all can agree that Jordan Rhodes is a big kid. And when you have his size and height, the offensive line is a perfect place for you.

Rhodes joined the Creekside football team before his junior season and didn’t see significant time until becoming a senior. While that hampered his recruitment and saw him limited to a handful of offers, the fact that several schools were willing to take a gander on him despite not playing substantially since before this past season speaks in many ways to the potential that he has. His position coach in high school, Webster Bumpers, agrees:

His potential is tremendous...He’s very green, at times. Right now, he’s not even playing the position right, like I would like him to. … Once he gets to the college of his choice, those guys are going to get him to where he needs to be. I have no doubt. He has a very, very bright future, not just because of his size.

Rhodes may stand as a redshirt for the 2017 season for that very reason - he’s still very inexperienced - so we probably won’t see him until 2018. I’m still interested to see what he can bring to the table when his opportunity rolls around.

Recruitment: Cincinnati, Georgia State, Mizzou, Mississippi State, Louisiana-Monroe, South Carolina and Southern Miss were among Rhodes’ offers. (Remember, he had only been playing substantially during his senior season!) He committed on January 15 while taking an official visit to South Carolina.