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SEC Power Rankings: Disney Movies.gif Edition

Even when things are at their worst, some Disney magic can brighten days everywhere...even Fayetteville, Arkansas!

NCAA Football: Tennessee at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Depending on how you count that half start the college football season gets every year, we either just put week 9 or 10 in our rearview mirrors. That means for the most part, we know who teams are now.

Weirdly, I would argue Carolina may be the team in the SEC we can talk about in the least certain terms. There is value to how they win, but there is so much concern in the way we usually get to that end result.

Either way, let’s watch some cartoons and have them tell us how the SEC shakes out going into a week where the conference will see two top ten matches!

1. ALABAMA (8-0)

Bama got an off week for Tua to get healthy and for Saban to plot how they will devour LSU. Admit it. LSU might hold Bama to 28, but do you trust them to score even 20?

2. LSU (7-1)

Look at this doofus just whistling and dancing like he isn’t about to sail straight into a rock.

3. GEORGIA (7-1)

Now that they know Jake Fromm is capable of making plays downfield, and after watching that film from the Mizzou game, I would imagine this is Dawg fans’ reaction to the idea of the looming matchup with Kentucky.

4. KENTUCKY (7-1)

Don’t you wish Carolina could play this ugly ass pretender of a team now? I mean, they won, so keep smiling Big Blue Nation, but this is a terrible excuse for a “good team”.

5. FLORIDA (6-2)

Florida to AP voters: We are legitimately a top ten team.

AP voters to Florida:


I see Nick Fitzgerald decided to show up for a football game this week.

7. TEXAS A&M (5-3)

The top two teams in America are both pointing to A&M right now as their best win, and the Aggies are out here wearing adult diapers to own the libs.


Hi everyone. Carolina fans here. Just waiting for you to notice that we will make you play ugly all game and then rip your heart out. Feel free to acknowledge this trend however you see fit, but I mean...

9. AUBURN (5-3)

Auburn didn’t play. Gus took his wife to New York, so this is how I imagine he dressed to take her out to dinner and a Broadway show.

10. OLE MISS (5-3)

No game for Ole Miss this week, so their fans had plenty of time to wallow in the three absolute ass-whompings they’ve received this year.

11. TENNESSEE (3-5)

For one week, it looked like Tennessee was building something. Since then, it has just been a series of feats of greater and greater ineptitude.

12. VANDERBILT (4-5)

When you’ve been talking about Vandy as one of the worst teams in the SEC all year and all the sudden they have a realistic shot at a bowl berth.

13. MISSOURI (4-4)

I mean, probably not as long as Barry Odom is there.

14. ARKANSAS (2-7)

Dad? Wake up. You’ve gotta get up!