Wednesday Wonderings

Looks like it was a big weekend for Shane Beamer and the football program landing 3 more commitments. That brings the total to 5 announced commitments with at least 2 silent commitments. It appears that whatever Beamer and Co. are selling, recruits are buying. I know you can’t get too caught up in early recruiting, but it is a great way to pass the time until pre-season camp starts in August. I just saw there was another safety commit today.

It sounds like SC has another big recruiting weekend at the end of the month. I think there are a couple of announcements later this month, or in early July. The biggest right now would be to see if Dylan Lonergan will pick SC over schools like Alabama, Florida, Ohio State and Stanford. Since Alabama has already taken one of 2 quarterbacks, SC might have moved up the list. I hope Beamer can keep up the good work.

What is the world coming to…SC is getting 2 players from Clemson’s bad baseball team? How is that supposed to make this team better? And what in the world are those players thinking… it’s not like the Tavion Feaster experiment worked out for anyone involved. I would think SC would be the last place a Clemson player would want to transfer. I guess that is just me.

What is everyone doing to pass the time this summer? Not sure if anyone will read this anyway, but if you do put a comment below. As always…

Go Cocks!

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