Friday Flavor

I will be on a little vacation for the next couple of days, so I will be out of touch from a lot of the goings on around SC sports. I hope Beamer has a great weekend and sends out a few more #WelcomeHome tweets.

Speaking of announcing commitments, it turns out one of the non-public commitments came out today in offensive lineman Isaiah Jatta. He is a JUCO transfer, so he will be a little more developed than coming straight out of high school. Offensive line is always a big need for college teams, so this is a decent get for SC.

It appears that SC can get other transfers for the baseball team from other schools than Clemson. Amazing, isn’t it? Kid looks to be a decent bat that can play multiple positions. Anyone that can hit is a good addition at this point. We’ll see if any of these additions can help Kinston keep his job after next season.

Since women’s basketball is the leading sport right now at SC, the assistant coaches are getting a little pay raise after the team’s 2nd national title. They also get a year added on to their contracts. Well deserved for a great season last year. They keep helping bring in top recruiting classes, so they should be rewarded. It gives the MBB coaches something to strive to. There will also be 7 new road signs in SC to commemorate the 2nd national championship also.

I guess that is all the big news around SC athletics right now. Other than running off a Clemson player for one of Beamer’s camps. No hard feelings, and it was pushed by the current players it seems. I wonder if they are regretting their decision to play for the tigers already?

Everyone have a great weekend!

Go Cocks!

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