Monday Musings

It looks like there is one more transfer into the baseball team. A pitcher from Cal is coming across the country to play in the SEC. He appears to be a bullpen arm to add some stability there. Hopefully he will come in and do a great job.

July 5th is going to be a big day for Carolina Football. Dylan Lonergan has set this as his announcement date. It appears his official visit went well over this last weekend. I know a lot of Gamecock nation is hoping that he will choose to play close to home, and not for Alabama or going out west to Stanford. Another big recruiting weekend is scheduled for the last weekend of June. I wonder if everyone will see another day of multiple commitments soon.

You have probably seen the latest commitments from an athlete/TE from Alabama, and the first in-state recruit from Rock Hill at the safety position. This class is gaining some momentum here in June, and hopefully it will continue into July. Getting this class more organized before August will be beneficial to the coaches so they can spend more time planning the current season, instead of worrying about getting the next recruiting class settled.

There is also some good (?) news about the MBB team getting more involved with in-state highly rated recruits. Hopefully this brings in more in-state talent like PJ Dozier and Sindarius Thornwell to play for the Gamecocks. SC has always produced a lot of talent for basketball, but those players have always gone out of state to play college basketball. It is tough to reel those kids in with UNC, Duke, and others being higher profile. 2017 proves that you can achieve big runs into the NCAA with home grown talent. Heck, and NCAA tournament appearances would be nice right about now.

I hope everyone is trying to stay cool with all the heat going around now. Stay indoors and stay safe.

Go Cocks!

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