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Well, Clemson has fired their baseball coach after they missed the NCAA tournament for the 2nd straight year. It must be nice no paying a former football coach $13 million to be an analyst/special teams coach over at UGa. Kingston’s $2.2 million buyout has prices SC out of looking for a new coach this off season. How he convinced Tanner to keep him because of injuries this year is another reason Ray Tanner doesn’t need to be the athletic director anymore. Let him move to an advisory roll to shake hands and kiss babies, but he doesn’t need to make any major decisions.

It seems like the football team received some more good news this week as Jalen Brooks has returned to the team. Let’s hope that someone not named Vann or Bell can catch something besides a cold this coming season. It also seems like SC has the inside track to Landon Sampson’s older brother after he finishes his military obligation. Although further analysis has shown this is not as sure as some people published early on.

SC has made the top 5/7/10 with some 4 and 5 star recruits this cycle. It would be a big win for SC and Beamer if they could reel a few of those guys in. I hope some good success this season starts to tip the balance for some higher rated recruits to seriously look at SC. Dylan Lonergan’s decision will happen in mid-July. He is the QB recruit that Satterfield and Beamer are trying to get. The are also involved with a Class of 24 QB already. It’s amazing how different the QB room will look this year compared to last fall.

I hope Beamer can hold onto Clayton White for a couple of more years as his DC. I think he can turn that side of the ball around even more given some time and better players. It’s amazing that Cam Smith is being thought of as one of the best CBs in the country this year. A couple of the defensive linemen will also be on everyone’s draft board if they have productive years.

It will be interesting to see how the offensive players do in the next draft also. You will have Rattler, Bell, Vann, and maybe more being drafted after having a good to great season. Of course, that means that Satterfield’s scheme and play calling improves a lot this year also. I think everyone can agree that would be a blessing. I’m just glad we are getting close to the 90-day mark before the season kicks off.

Mike Uva from Gamecock Central posted a video of the new LED lights installed in Willy B. I hope no one has light sensitivity that will be going to home games this year. I hope they have the ribbon boards installed before kickoff this year also. It will definitely impress future Gamecocks if so. The video looked cool, and it will be interesting to see how they time those lights with Sandstorm during the pregame.

I didn’t hear anything about new scheduling formats for the upcoming football seasons once Texas and Oklahoma get in the conference. The NCAA relaxing the need to have divisions for a championship game will help. I see everyone looking at the "pod" system as the new way to do things. I hope that is true, and I hope SC doesn’t get lumped into the "Group of Death". It will be interesting to see if they would group SC with Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky. Those would be closest teams geographically. That is not a horrible draw, but it doesn’t do SC any favors either. Who would you want the other 3 schools to be in out group that we would play every year? If the SEC decides to go to a 9-game schedule, SC would play 2 teams from the other 3 pods to round out the schedule. That way, you would play everyone in another team’s stadium once every 4 years at least.

It will be a long 2 months before preseason camp starts for the football team. I have a feeling that it will be few stories on here between now and then. I know Katie will keep us updated on the professional baseball players from SC. I wonder what other articles will be planned before August.

Go Cocks!

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