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NCAA rescinds satellite camp ban; what direction will Will Muschamp, South Carolina, SEC take?

With the NCAA reversing course on satellite camps, we'll have to see what action Will Muschamp and fellow SEC coaches take. Earlier signs seem to indicate that they'll embrace the opportunity.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Earlier this month, the NCAA ruled that schools can no longer hold camps out of state, or have their coaches appear as guests at other camps nationwide. Today, after an outcry from students and college coaches alike, the Division 1 Board of Directors reversed the decision and allowed the practice to continue for now.

Interestingly enough, a member of the board of directors happens to be University of South Carolina president Dr. Harris Pastides. Pastides' quote in the wake of the reversal may indicate the route that the university and football coach Will Muschamp will take when it comes to satellite camps:

"The Board of Directors is interested in a holistic review of the football recruiting environment, and camps are a piece of that puzzle...We share the Council's interest in improving the camp environment, and we support the Council's efforts to create a model that emphasizes the scholastic environment as an appropriate place for recruiting future student-athletes."

Muschamp went on the record last month as saying that he wasn't bothered by the fact that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh - far from the only coach holding satellite camps but certainly the one that has essentially become its poster child - was holding several spring camps in the state of Florida. Neither was Muschamp's successor at Florida, Jim McElwain, or Arkansas coach Bret Bielema, who was planning to hold his own satellite camps up north (maybe joking, maybe not). The SEC - traditionally against it - was ready to open the door and allow its coaches to move forward with them if the original measure to ban them was not passed. Now, with the NCAA overturning the measure, the expectation is that the conference will go full speed ahead.

I would certainly expect Muschamp to be one of the coaches to move forward with satellite camps of his own. This is a man who is known for his recruiting prowess, if nothing else, and this opportunity to dedicate more resources to grab out-of-state talent while continuing to focus on in-state prospects is something I doubt he would pass up. We'll see what his plans are in the coming weeks and months.