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South Carolina Gamecocks, North Carolina Tar Heels talking more games in Charlotte, but when?

"At least two more games" in the works for the two teams over the coming years.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you miss the South Carolina Gamecocks' season opener against the North Carolina Tar Heels in Charlotte, don't worry: you may get another chance soon in several years.

report from the Charlotte Observer's David Scott quotes Charlotte Sports Foundation Will Webb as stating that the two teams are talking about more matchups in the near future.

More college football games between North Carolina and South Carolina are coming to Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte Sports Foundation executive director Will Webb told the Observer on Monday.

"We're very close on a deal for at least two more games," Webb said.

The questions, of course, is when such a game will take place. The Gamecocks have no open dates next year as they have East Carolina, West Carolina, UMass and Clemson as their non-conference games. While they could presumably play a game in 2017 (possibly September 9 after the Tar Heels open at home against Cal), keep an eye on August 29 or 31, 2019, the next possible year both sides have the opening week of the season free. It's also conceivable that North Carolina could scuttle their trip to Cal in 2018 in favor of a season opener on August 30 or September 1 to kick off the year closer to home. (It would definitely be much cheaper to drive to Charlotte versus flying to the Bay Area.)

Such discussions still to be a little way off, but the possibilities are there. But it looks like we haven't seen the last of UNC/USC in Charlotte.