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South Carolina football: Steve Spurrier's Missouri week Tuesday press conference

As the Gamecocks get prepped for the Battle of Columbia, head coach Steve Spurrier met with the media Tuesday afternoon.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Head Ball Coach sat down to discuss this weekend's matchup against the Missouri Tigers today. Spurrier and the media boys talked all things football for about 13 minutes with the conversation going from the play calling process, the Nunez to Shaw comparison, an overflow at tight ends, playing for trophies, and rapper Lil Boosie.

I guess Spurrier has a little rap game flowing on that iPhone.

Here's some highlights from the Tuesday media session.

On Missouri:

"Once a year we play the Missouri Tigers, battle of Columbia, nice little trophy...They have won the Eastern Division the last two years. They lose one game somewhere along the line and then they win the rest of them."

Here's an injury update for you:

It looks like Chris Lammons has a chance to play, while Knott and Wilds remain doubtful.

Some position changes:

On the impressive play of freshman quarterback Lorenzo Nunez:

"He does a good job of just being tough...The block he made the other day - the players said, 'Hey this guy is pretty tough'...Those are the kind of things your teammates admire and respect about you."

On the play calling:

On the defense:

"Our defense played very well in the second half again. Amazingly, we have shut out three of our four opponents in the second half this year. (The defense has) played real well at times."

Who'd a thought Lil' Boosie would've made the biggest news coming out of today's presser.

You can catch the full press conference here. In the meantime, stay Boosie.