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GABA got a chance to give you a first look inside (not really) the latest addition to the Gamecock fleet.


It's hard to argue; Will Muschamp has been shaking up the joint since taking the helm at the University of South Carolina just a few short months ago. He's cleaned house had his hand in some significant changes in numerous departments across many arenas, from the coaching staff and the players right down to the Gamecocks social media department. Heck, he even fired a preacher.

There is no doubt, we are a vastly different looking and sounding program than the one we were at the end of 2015.

Among those changes, one of the departments that Coach Muschamp has taken a particular interest in is transportation. This man likes to be on the move, and he is riding in style. First, it was the #2PLANEZ initiative (not to be confused with #2SPRAINZ) devised at pouring our all into recruiting (update: Tanner has not capitulated on said second plane as of yet), now he's fixing his eyes to the open road.

Earlier this week, a uniquely-customized bus was unveiled ahead of the upcoming media/PR tour of the state of South Carolina, aptly dubbed the 'Spurs Up Tour'.

The Bus also has a name: the BOOM Bus.

Well, we simply HAD to take a look inside, and we at GABA are here to bring you a totally real and exclusive first-glance tour a peek inside.


This is fine...the graphics are pretty legit and all, but what is that shirt and why does Coach have a look on his face that looks like we only won three ga- nevermind. Got it.

Wait...what is this...please don't tell me the bus driver is just gonna tailgate people down I-26 just so people can read the sticker.


Obligatory 'Muschamp Face (TM)'.

Also, what is with the mirrored ceiling? I feel like I'm in Tony Montana's boudoir.

What evil person designed a wine glass display case that looks as if the moment you open it, everything is going to come flying out at you and shatter into a million tiny little pieces. Seriously. Why.

OOH. A matte black helmet that doesn't feature that stupid white circle around the Block C.

"So, Coach, tell us about the other amenities..." 
"Well, you got a fridge over here with LOTS OF BUD LIGHT [cough] 'water' in it. There's also a microwave. For Hot Pockets." 

Shower, y'know, for when you get sweaty and stuff.

Like, down by 8 points to Vandy at the half sweaty...

A poker table...seriously...that's not a poker table...that's the same dang table that every late 90's Prevost XL model bus has and y'all just didn't come up with a way to put a tabletop Pac Man game in the bus and y'all know it.


Let's go back to the matte black helm----





"Hello, DC3, I'm afraid you do not have permission to be here."