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Lane Kiffin to USCw Link Dump

You've heard by now that Lane Kiffin is off to cement his legacy as college football's biggest, human hype machine at Southern Cal. Here are some links you should follow should you wish to learn more about this situation. parent site is following the story with frequent updates. Go here for more links and the like.

Rocky Top Talk--This place is in meltdown mode. I would feel sorry for them, but then again they've been defending the guy since day one.

Conquest Chronicles--This is the SBN Trojans blog. They don't seem too upset about the situation, particularly as Kiffin is brining Coach O, Poppa Kiffin, and possibly Norm Chow along for the ride. If I were them, I'd be a bit worried about what might happen if Kiffin keeps it up with his, er, recruiting strategies at a school that's under the microscope, if not already facing probation. I suppose they're just happy that they didn't totally bomb the hire. You have to admit that Kiffin brings a nice staff.

Bruins Nation--The SBN Bruins site is covering the story from an anti-USCw slant. They're also interested in the Chow side of things.

Phil Kornblut--Kornblut, as you probably know, is the beat guy on recruiting in South Carolina. He's reporting that Brandon Willis and Corey Miller, of hostess scandal fame, are not going to play for the Vols. Willis plans to go out of state, but Miller may be ours. That would be huge, especially considering that we lost Clifton Geathers today.