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Gamecocks Pick Up Commitment from Angelo Watley

We hereby interrupt the College World Series to report...

USC picked up a commitment today from GA LB Angelo Watley. Watley didn't have any other major offers, but he is beginning to hear from Auburn:

"I got a feeling it's about to blow up," said Peachtree Ridge head coach Bill Ballard. "I've already gotten a call from Auburn. That's usually how it happens."

This is likely a good pickup of a guy that's going to soon be on the major program's radars. Watley has impressive measurables, and our coaching staff thinks he can be a Norwood-like player.

The problem is that Watley sounds like he's willing to listen when those programs come calling:

Watley says he feels strong about the commitment but would visit other schools should they offer. He is considering visits to Marshall, UCLA, and Auburn.

This is going to be one we're going to have to keep our eyes on as it develops. It's great to hear from Watley that he likes our program and school (he was impressed with our International Business program), but that may change if the heavy hitters get involved.