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5 Reasons Why GameDay on The Horseshoe is Good for USC

  1. The nation will be able to see the most beautiful aspect of the University of South Carolina campus - aside from its female student body.
  2. Students can roll out of their dorm rooms and walk right to the ESPN College GameDay set.
  3. Less Bama fans. Presumably, Alabama fans - though I'm sure they'll have some presence - won't readily be able to locate The Horseshoe or be willing to shuttle over or park on campus. Contrast that to a stadium/fairgrounds setting and I think we'll see and hear less "Roll Tide!" and more "Go Cocks!" Never a bad thing.
  4. The tighter setting will provide a better back drop when the cameras zoom out and survey the scene. In the past when this has occurred, it's looked poor to see the vast open ugliness of the fairgrounds beyond the crowd.
  5. Change. The results of GameDay present South Carolina football games haven't been kind. Maybe, just maybe, a little wrinkle will do the Gamecocks some good.