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NCAA Rules Newton Eligible for SEC Championship Game

Apparently, Auburn won't receive any punishment for the Newton situation. The NCAA ruled that Newton's father did indeed shop his son around to Mississippi St., but it's letting Auburn and Newton off because they apparently didn't know about the actions of Newton's father. I would assume that this is case closed on this issue unless additional facts become available. That means that in addition to having their star QB this weekend, Auburn won't forfeit any of its victories or any titles it might win over the next few weeks. Sorry, 'Bama and UGA fans.

I would say the NCAA is letting Auburn off pretty easy here. Rules were violated and the letter of the law would suggest punishment is in order. However, I guess the NCAA let us off easier than they might have, too, considering that we have several players who not only sought but, at least according to the NCAA, received improper benefits. Fair enough, I say. I'm ready to see our guys play the game and quit worrying about the Newton off-field situation.