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The Daily Feed // 12.03.10


Gamecocks Continue Championship Week Preparations | Gamecocks Online
Coach Johnson wants you to know that he won't spy Cam Newton because he knows more about football than you. So shut it. Personally, I'd like to know why we're not spying Cam Newton. But EJ doesn't seem compelled to tell us.

SEC Championship Preview: Auburn vs. South Carolina | Leftover Hot Dog

USC pass defense is currently ranked 10th in the SEC giving up 245 yards a game.


Auburn's pass defense is ranked dead last in the SEC, giving up 255 yards a game.

Second time around: What's different from the first Auburn game? | Spur of the Moment
What's different? Quite a bit, Haney contends.

Auburn/South Carolina SEC Championship Game | YouTube
You have to think Under Armour, which was a little known upstart company just a few years ago, is salivating over this year's SEC Championship Game match up. Both teams were among the first to be outfitted in Under Armour back when the company started sponsoring programs. And Atlanta might very well be considered the birthplace of Under Armour. Founder Kevin Plank made his very first sale of the famous UA sweat-wicking t-shirts to Georgia Tech. Soon after, former Yellow Jacket players who were playing for the Atlanta Falcons were so impressed by the product when they saw it in their alma mater's locker room that they had to have it too. Thus, the Atlanta Falcons were the first NFL team to adopt Under Armour under their NFL uniforms. I imagine this game means quite a bit to the guys at Under Armour.

SEC Championship Game Schedule of Events - UPDATED | Gamecocks Online
For your convenience.

Georgia Dome gameday information, parking, traffic, directions, etc. | Spurs Up
For your information.

The Comeuppance Report; or, Who I’m Pulling Against This Week | The Rubber Chickens
Finally the Comeuppance Report returns!

Can Spurrier Do the Unthinkable and Shatter Auburn’s National Title Hopes? | Saturday Down South
Is it really unthinkable? I guess if you're an Auburn fan. By the way, stay away from the comment section in this one. It'll take you to dark places.

Steve Spurrier - Just Askin' |
Check out this video interview with Steve Spurrier. (H/T: Spurs Up)

"Inside the Chart" with Andy Demetra: Marcus Lattimore 1st down rushing production | Spurs Up
Brittany Lane, no one likes a tease. To wit:

Inspired by his quote, I decided to crunch the numbers on Marcus Lattimore's rushing production on 1st down versus SEC opponents. Like Alshon Jeffery's 3rd-down value two weeks ago, the numbers I uncovered once again staggered me."

Just give us the info without making us click on the link. In fact, why does Andy Demetra even have a separate blog on the USC website. Why isn't he posting on Spurs Up in the first place?

Cam Newton Investigation: Why the NCAA Got It Wrong | Team Speed Kills
I agree with cocknfire on all accounts here. Something is amiss in this ruling. I really don't understand, given what we do know, how this can be the final conclusion.

USC mostly holding tongue on NCAA's Cam Newton ruling |
Quote of the season. Seriously. (H/T: Team Speed Kills)

"So u can relate Todd Mcnair to an agent through a photograph, but you can't relate Cam Newton to his Dad? That makes sense..." Galippo tweeted after practice.

South Carolina vs. Clemson | YouTube
The new Just King Media video is out. Maybe his best work yet. The music made me feel like Russel Crowe could pop out at any moment and eviscerate a couple of Retiarii. Enjoy.

Gamecocks Podcast: Clemson Review and SEC Championship Preview | Leftover Hot Dog

The Gamecocks Podcast for this week is a good one as the Clemson win is discussed and then a very good insightful discussion is had on the SEC Championship Game.

A Tigris Miscellany | The Rubber Chickens
TRC introduces us to the Person Effect. I, myself, have pondered the existence of the Emerson effect for some time. Have you seen UGA's record this season?

Cocktail Thursday: Watching Other People Play Games That Matter Edition. - Dawg Sports
Ladies and gentlemen, MaconDawg presents the 2010 SEC Championship Game drinking. This game will separate the men from the boys.

Eleven Gamecocks Named to Steele's All-SEC Teams | Gamecocks Online
He picks us to lose all the important games, but at least he respects our players.

Championship Saturday Ticket Breakdown | Leftover Hot Dog
Yes, this also means that the SEC is more than twice as good as the BIG 12.




SEC Bowl Projections: Where's Your Team Headed in the Postseason? | Team Speed Kills
Cocknfire largely concurs with conventional wisdom and either has South Carolina going to the Outback Bowl to play Penn State or the Sugar Bowl to play Ohio State.

Bowl possibilities: What happens if South Carolina loses Saturday? | Spur of the Moment
Haney still betting on the Chick-fil-a Bowl.



South Carolina Baseball Announces 2011 Schedule | Gamecocks Online

The South Carolina baseball team has announced its schedule for the 2011 season featuring 25 games against 2010 NCAA Tournament teams as well as 35 home games at Carolina Stadium. The defending national champions open the season on Friday, February 18 hosting a three-game series vs. Santa Clara. The schedule also includes 30 Southeastern Conference contests and a three-game series with in-state rival Clemson.




Gamecocks Cruise Past Delaware State, 74-61 | Gamecocks Online
Did you know we won a basketball game on Wednesday? I listened to this game on the radio for about 25 minutes after half time, and during that time the guy filling in for Andy Demetra never mentioned the name of the opponent. Not once.

Men's Basketball next SC team to face archrival Clemson this Sunday | Spurs Up
How long has it been since we've beaten Clemson in men's basketball?



Sharp Shooting Seals 75-53 Win Over Charleston Southern | Gamecocks Online
Back on track.




USC volleyball coach resigns | The Daily Gamecock
Not that big a deal considering the following:

Somera went 56-63 overall in four seasons at Carolina with a 28-52 mark in SEC play. His best season was in 2008, when the Gamecocks went 21-9 and finished fifth in the SEC.

I don't want to throw any rumors out there, but any time I see the phrase "effective immediately," there's a little more to the situation.