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Tuesday News and Notes: Post-Spring Depth Chart Released and More News

A few news bites for you today:

Post-spring depth chart | Joe Person on Football. The most notable points here are that Patrick DiMarco is listed as the starting tight end and that D.L. Moore is the third WR instead of Jason Barnes.

The former of those is the most interesting to me. I've heard good things about DiMarco's abilities at TE, and I also like the idea of possibly having Brian Maddox and Kenny Miles / Jarvis Giles in the backfield at the same time. At the same time, I hope the suggestion is that we're going to see Weslye Saunders lined up off the line quite a bit, because I have a hard time believing that we're going to see DiMarco in the game more than Saunders. It's also possible that Spurrier is doing this to keep Saunders--a noted underperformer in summer workouts--on the straight and narrow.  

Holloway's situation is unclear | GoGamecocks. Yesterday, it looked like Murphy Holloway to Clemson was a done deal, but that's apparently not the case. I hope we've managed to get back in it for him.

Tennessee safety won't miss playing time | GoGamecocks. Tennessee's Darren Myles is charged with multiple counts, but Derek Dooley is going to handle it in house. The Fulmer tradition apparently lives on in Knoxville.

Former UGA quarterback Mettenberger pleads guilty to sexual battery (UPDATED) | UGA sports blog. Well, now we know. There's something about QBs with "berger" in their name...

The Herald | - FedEx ends Orange Bowl sponsorship after 2 decades - Rock Hill, SC. I guess FedEx isn't exactly dying to sponsor another Wake Forest-Louisville matchup.