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Friday News and Notes: Murphy Holloway Update and More

Ole Miss won't release Holloway to USC or Clemson | GoGamecocks. Well, now we know why Murphy Holloway to Clemson didn't happen: Ole Miss's athletics department won't grant him a release to play for the Tigers (or USC, as expected). While I'm certainly not above enjoying it when bad things happen to the Tigers--and I would like to beat them again one day on the hardwood--I really think this was a classless, gutless move by Ole Miss. I can see why they wouldn't release him to play at USC, considering that we play them every year, but Clemson? Ole Miss doesn't have to play the Tigers, so the Rebels have nothing to gain from this, unless they're just trying to frustrate this young man's plans. And you know what? That must be what they're trying to do, because I can't see any other explanation for it. Just classless.

South Carolina basketball players earn second highest GPA in SEC. And we finished above Vanderbilt. I say that's awesome.

Kentucky? Not so much. But I guess when half your team is planning on declaring for the NBA Draft, class becomes an afterthought. 2010 NBA Draft Prospect Rankings - Point Guards and - 2010 NBA Draft. These two progs rank point guards in the NBA Draft. Unfortunately, it's not looking good for Devan Downey.

Psycho Fans Attack Terrence Jones - A Sea Of Blue. Strange rumblings out of the Blue Grass State.

The Rest of the Lineup: The Five Most Important Remaining SEC Baseball Series - Team Speed Kills. cocknfire discusses the decisive match-ups that will shape the end of the season over its last three weekends.