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The Daily Feed // 09.22.10


NFLPA sets up trust fund for McKinley’s son | All Things Broncos

The NFL Players Association has set up a trust fund to help provide the future education and health care expenses for Keon McKinley, the young son of Broncos receiver Kenny McKinley. (H/T: Connor Tapp)

Broncos Press Conference Quotes Regarding Kenny McKinley | Spurs Up

On the team meeting

"(It was) quiet. I think there are certain groups that may have been closer to Kenny than others, but everyone was very respectful of one another and very eager to be involved in the support of his family. The captains were adamant about that and wanted to make sure that we are doing everything we can to help his son -- which we are -- and help support his family."

Remembering Kenny | The Rubber Chickens
TRC speaks its peace.



McKinley's Death Darkens Wilson's Return |

Quick Practice Recap |

Gamecocks Podcast: Talking Furman and Auburn on Episode | Leftover Hot Dog
Gamecock Man makes an appearance on this week's episode. Check it out.

South Carolina's March Through Alabama Begins in Auburn | Saturday Down South

Our offense can and will inflict damage on Auburn’s defense. They have shown they are fast and can hit hard, however they enjoy giving up points. Teams have had success running and passing the ball against the Tigers and Spurrier should have no problem finding the holes in their defense.

I sure hope so.

Steve Spurrier Weekly Press Conference Quotes | Gamecocks Online

On another receiver stepping up beside Alshon Jeffery

We were sitting in there talking a few minutes ago that with Alshon, you have to figure the other teams will start putting two guys on him. We need to get other receivers involved. Tori Gurley caught a few last week. We need to get more of the other guys involved. We need to complete more passes. Again, we've been winning so we're not going to throw them just for the sake of throwing more passes.

On the quarterbacks

We've got two quarterbacks we think can play well. We're going into the ballpark with two ready to play. I'll say Connor (Shaw) will play some this week. I thought he'd play against Georgia, but we got into a running game. I'll tell you, Stephen (Garcia) has been good grabbing those bad snaps. Connor's been good too. We have to continue working with T.J. on his snaps because it's difficult when you get that low left one then have to try to look at the defense.

College Football - Q-and-A: South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier |

He's one of college football's all-time greatest coaches, ranking second in SEC history with 106 conference wins. Still, Steve Spurrier hasn't been able to make South Carolina a serious threat in the SEC East.

Until now.

Gamecocks in the NFL |
Gamecock Central updates us on the current Gamecocks in the NFL. Twenty in all.

FREE USC Browser Themes | Gamecocks Online
Pretty cool. A little dark. We'll see how long I keep it.



Gamecock Baseball Recruiting Class Ranked No. 7 In The Nation | Gamecocks Online
Reaping the benefits of a National Championship.


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