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The Daily Feed // 09.21.10


Broncos WR Kenny McKinley found dead in Arapahoe County | The Denver Post
Every so often real life and college football intersect. It is at such times - all too often moments of sorrow - that the highs and lows of fandom are put in their proper perspective. By all accounts Kenny McKinley was a dedicated teammate, a good student, and an exceptional young man. He brought a lot of joy to many people. I know of no way to adequately thank such a man. Kenny McKinley, you will be missed. 






Kenny McKinley Photo Gallery
(Gamecocks Online)






Former Gamecock Great Kenny McKinley Dies at Age 23 | Gameccoks Online

"I saw him here - he came to the Georgia game," said head coach Steve Spurrier. "He seemed in good spirits. Great smile like he always had. I don't understand it if it happened the way they say. It's hard to comprehend. Kenny was certainly one of my favorite all-time players. He was a wonderful guy. It's hard to figure out why this happened. It's a sad day."

Kenny McKinley Guest Book | (H/T:
Those so inclined may post their condolences online here.

Video: McKinley interview from 2008 |
A one-on-one interview Kenny McKinley before his senior season.

Morris: Auburn’s hiring of Chizik proves to be right move |
I guess the State figured out that Gamecock fans would be pissed if they had to pay for Ron Morris' articles. Consequently, his are still free. How awkward do you think that editor's meeting was? How long before The State realizes that if people aren't willing to pay for Ron's articles, maybe they shouldn't be paying him either? I'll do the dirty work here so you don't have to.

"Your head and your heart don’t match up on this unless you have the view that I had," Jacobs said Saturday prior to Auburn’s game against Clemson. "Now, everybody is getting to see that same view. The only reason they didn’t before is because they didn’t have the luxury of the seat I was in and being around this program for 30 years.

Let's see him string together a few more wins before we call this move a success.

Chizik’s hiring caused the same kind of schism in the Auburn fan base that ultimately did in the likes of Ron Zook at Florida, Mike Shula at Alabama and Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

Did a schism really "do in" Lane Kiffin at UT? I could have sworn he up and left in the middle in the night for a better job.

"You can say it’s not about race, but you can’t compare the two resumes and say (Chizik) deserved the job," Barkley told "Out of all the coaches they interviewed, Chizik probably had the worst resume."

Barkley actually has a point here. Do I think the decision was based overtly on race? No. But do I think Chizik would have gotten this job if he were black? Also, no.

What Auburn needed was similar in many ways to what Duke needed in 1980 when it hired a young, unproven men’s basketball coach whose final season at Army concluded with a 9-17 record. Mike Krzyzewski became a Hall of Fame coach, but not before some early struggles when Duke fans wanted him to take the next train out of Durham.

And here we have the classic Ron Morris denouement - a sweeping generalization that is far to heavy a metaphor/ allegory for the prose preceding it.

We should not be too quick to judge.

Sure, Ron. How about taking your own advice for once?

Talk about going all in: OSU paints practice field blue to prep for Boise State |
One of the things I loathe about Boise State is their blue turf. Actually, that's probably the reason I loathe them (that and the fact they make an entire season out of playing one Mississippi State and one Georgia per year). That blue turf ought to be illegal. No wonder they play well on it, opposing teams can't hardly see the Bronco players. We'd win a lot more games too if our defense were allowed to come out in digital camo. Sheese.

And on a side note, how many SIDs in the country are named Steve Fink?

South Carolina Gamecocks Football v Furman Field Report | Leftover Hot Dog
LOHD breaks it down for you.

Kratch: No Worry About Gamecocks | The Daily Gamecock
The Daily Gamecock tells why we should feel much better.

Did the Gamecocks play well? No. They ebbed and flowed the entire night and had several dumb penalties and plays. They looked disinterested at times, but then again, most everyone in and around the stadium was disinterested.

Wait, why am I supposed to feel good again?

Lanning sets career bests against FU | The Daily Gamecock
Spencer Lanning is still seeing big things for this team.

"This year we have the greatest group of seniors and leadership that I've ever seen. Team chemistry is unbelievable. Every time we go out there and practice, everybody is really excited, and rdquo; Lanning said. 'It's like one big family. I've said that in the past but every year it seems like we're getting a little more and more family and a little more friendship with everyone on the team. Everybody's one big family. I think that means a lot to our team and speaks a lot for our seniors."

Notebook: Robertson Impressive | The Daily Gamecock
Things were not as bad as they seemed.

"I think the D-line and linebackers really all played well," Spurrier said. "They didn’t run the ball very well, 51 yards on 27 carries. We played good defense except for a couple plays."



Coach Staley's Interview During the Furman Telecast With Brad Muller | Gamecocks Online
Is it almost basketball season already?