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The Daily Feed // 09.23.10


Practice Notes from a Busy Wednesday | Spur of the Moment
Seems we might see Wesley Saunders back in a Gamecocks uniforms this season. I'm hearing he'd have to miss a total of six games, but this is all rumor so far.

A radio host asked Steve Spurrier about Saunders possibly being reinstated based on a report. I haven't seen that reported or searched for it, but I've been told by several people that Saunders (dismissed last week) has been "begging" anyone and everyone associated to let him on the team.

Would you want Wesley back? I'd like to hear your opinion in the comments section. Also, Spurrier will give Giles a full release.

Giles will be given a full release. Spurrier said he's "not as smart as some coaches" who don't allow releases to some specific schools (in-state/in-conference). Spurrier said he doesn't care where players transfer, so long as they're happy.

Say what you want about Spurrier, but he has always treated his players fairly. Oh, and there may yet be hope for the line at Auburn.

Elliott acknowledged the offensive line is extremely banged-up, but got really fiery when I asked him if a good effort was still possible Saturday. He started shaking. I think he's going to have them ready this week ...

Tigers host Gamecocks in top-25 SEC showdown |
I have no idea why is covering this game, but they're bringing the funk. Good work.

This marks the first time these two teams have met when both were ranked in the top-25. Overall, this game is the ninth all-time meeting, with Auburn holding a 6-1-1 advantage. The Tigers have won four straight, including a 24-17 victory in the last meeting in Columbia in 2006.

The Tigers will present the toughest challenge for USC's defense to date, as Auburn has the ability to move the ball both on the ground and through the air. The rushing attack is generating a hardy 259.3 yards per game on 5.5 yards per carry, while the passing game is putting up 200.7 yards per outing.

Ranking the SEC |
For some reason the Sun Herald bumped us up to #2 from last week, jumping both Auburn and Florida. Which is weird because they predict that USC will lose to Auburn this weekend by four points. Apparently they were a lot more impressed with our win over Furman that anyone else... or they don't really have a clue.

BREAKING: RB Giles Leaving Football Program | Spur of the Moment
I think we all saw this coming. Good luck to Giles wherever he goes. There's no use wasting talent like that on the sideline just to provide depth anyway.

Vote for USC Marching Band in "Marching Band Mania" | Spurs Up

The USC band was one of 16 college marching bands to be asked by CBS to compete in the "Marching Band Mania" contest connected with the network's remake of "Hawaii 5-0."

Carolina Dealing With a Number of Tragedies |
With the untimely death of Kenny McKinley, these stories haven't gotten much attention. Both C.C. Whitlock, who lost a brother, and Garrett Chisolm, who lost his father, deserve our compassion as well.

McKinley Police Report: Indications of Depression | Spur of the Moment
More details come out about Kenny's death.