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The Auguste Report: Clemson

As they have been for most of the year, the Gamecocks are almost completely healthy entering the Clemson game.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

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Zero Augustes: He's full go! Gitdawerdout.

One Auguste: Expected to play, might not start


Two Augustes: Game-time Decision

Auguste_medium Auguste_medium

Three Augustes: Questionable

Auguste_medium Auguste_medium Auguste_medium

Four Augustes: Doubtful

Auguste_medium Auguste_medium Auguste_medium Auguste_medium

Five Augustes: Out

Auguste_medium Auguste_medium Auguste_medium Auguste_medium Auguste_medium

The Wounded

Jadeveon Clowney

We accepted long ago that Jadeveon Clowney's entire career will be marred by the bone spurs in his foot and that we'll be left to wonder much better he could have been if he'd had his foot operated on sooner. He'll play through it, as he always has, but there may be a moment or two when the ESPN crew ominously cuts to the sideline while Jadeveon is getting his foot rewrapped.


Kelcy Quarles

The big defensive tackle has denied that he suffered a concussion against Florida, but that hasn't prevented the university from listing that as his injury. Either way, Quarles is expected to make the start in what will probably be his last game in Williams-Brice Stadium.

Mike Davis

The Gamecocks' leading rusher sat out the Coast Carolina game because South Carolina could afford to have him sit out the Coastal Carolina game. But Davis should be fully rested and recovered from his assorted injuries on Saturday night.

He's full go! Gitdawerdout.

Brison Williams

Williams has battled ankle and forearm injuries in the past couple of weeks. The latter injury has limited him in practice this week. J.J. Marcus would play in Williams' place if he's unable to go.

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