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School’s back, football is almost here, and the boys are bringing you their final preview episode.

School is back in session, cooler weather beckons, and everyone is undefeated. This is truly the best time of year.

...except the back to school part. (sorry, teachers everywhere)

In any event, this is our final preseason preview episode before our regular schedule resumes next week. We talk about some of our favorite moments of the offseaon, predict an SEC champion, and roll through our in-depth game-by-game analysis (read: loosely formed) for the 2018 schedule, including a win/loss prediction and swing games/trap games that could make or break the South Carolina Gamecocks campaign. We also roll through our winners and losers of the week, taking several detours along the way. We had a lot of fun and we hope you will enjoy the show.

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