Thoughts on Satt's Departure

I don't expect much sentiment of prisoner of the moment on this here website, but it will be in the fan base following the last 2 games. They changed nothing for me, his departure is good news, hope he learns and grows from his time here but he wasn't getting it done. Something changed with the offense the last two weeks, we'll never know completely what other than they once again simplified things, distributed the ball more and look at that...things that us bums on the couch knew could happen, happened. I ain't' saying I saw 63 coming and still thought Clemson would win, but we all knew this offense had the talent to produce better than it had been, not just this season but last year too even with the QB musical chairs.

This is still the same professional football coach that had to be told "get the ball to the play makers" and whose QB accidentally admitted they didn't know what they were doing. The narrative had been "how amazing this team scored 63 after no offensive TD's against FL". We've had collectively two seasons of mostly inept offense. What's amazing AND mysterious is how it suddenly came to life, not just after Florida but after twenty something games.

The downside to this is there are reports Beamer tried to keep him. This news coming so quickly after the regular season had me a bit optimistic that Beamer said: thanks for the effort but it's best for you to move on and great opportunity to do so. I really wanted to see him make the hard call on this (hard for him not hard for someone with objectivity).

Beamer wants to pound his chest and say this is a new Carolina. Well, part of Carolina's problems have been hanging on to coaches too to long. Brad Scott should have been gone after 3-8; Lorenzo Ward wasn't good in 2013 - talent masked him (and Deke Adams) and he unquestionably should have been let go after 2014; Muschamp should have never been extended after 7-6 2018. Want to be an HC in the SEC, want to be snarky with media and fans, go right ahead but you better win, and winning requires difficult decisions on coaching.

But at any rate, Coach Beamer has a great opportunity in front of him. I knew nothing of Satterfield when he was hired and haven't forgotten it was an emergency hire after Bobo bolted. So now he has more time and I would hope the idea of hiring a new OC had at least crossed his mind in OCT and that he's got a list of coaches to pursue.

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