Among the many fan clubs that follow men's and women's college basketball, the South Carolina Gamecocks fan club is among the largest. Fans identify themselves by the colors of their shirts, flags and even by smell. This fan group is unique in the women's college basketball community because it isn't just a fan club, it is a family.

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Final four

This year's women's team has made it to the Final Four for the first time in school history. It is also the first team to earn the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament in four consecutive seasons.

In addition to women's basketball, the Gamecocks have men's basketball programs, which compete in the SEC and the Sun Belt Conference. The football program has a potential "Halloween Game" against Tennessee every year, which has the potential to be a big game each year. Moreover, the soccer program also competes in the Sun Belt Conference.

The women's team is led by coach Dawn Staley, who has made a name for herself in the women's college basketball community. The team has won four consecutive SEC regular season championships and earned the #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament four straight seasons. The team has also made it to the Elite Eight in three of the past four seasons. The team won its first NCAA regional championship in 2015.


The South Carolina Gamecocks fan site is moving to the On3 network in February of 2022. This move is part of an effort by South Carolina Athletics to provide better fan-focused content. The site is one of the largest fan-based websites in the industry. In addition to the site, Gamecock Club members receive periodic publications and free access to Gamecocks+, the official content network of South Carolina Athletics. Gamecocks+ provides fans with exclusive video content, behind-the-scenes access and never-before-seen news and features. Gamecocks+ will also be available on major OTT streaming services. Members will also receive discounts through the

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Side Notes

The Packer family, who have been supporters of the USC women's program since 2014. The Packer family has traveled to a number of Gamecocks regional sites to support the women's team and has even sat with the interim president, Harris Pastides, as well as Athletic Director Ray Tanner. This year, they have booked a hotel in Minneapolis for the women's Final Four.

During the season, the Gamecocks have played a number of teams in the East Division of the SEC. They have a rivalry with the University of Kentucky. They have also competed in the same conference as the University of Georgia, before joining the SEC.

Bottom Line

The Gamecocks have also earned four consecutive SEC East Division championships and are one of the top-ranked teams in the nation. The Gamecocks have also dominated the Vanderbilt series since 1992. They have also won the series in the past two years, advancing to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight in each season.

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