Regular Season SEC Review & Rankings

This year delivered mixed results to say the least. Some expected outcomes occurred, some expected wrong predictions happened, and things no one saw coming played out in maddening fashion.

  1. Georgia: What we all expected happened. UGA was the undisputed regular season champ, and is headed to the playoff.
  2. Alabama: At the end of the day, Bama lost 2 close games to 2 good teams and won some close ones against lessor teams. I still wouldn’t want to play this squad.
  3. Tennessee: This team was expected to be good. I don’t know that anyone had on their college football bingo card that UT would be #1 in the playoff poll at one point during the season. South Carolina destroyed their season. Payback for 2013, the fans still remember.
  4. LSU: I did not expect this team to be the SEC West Champ. The FSU loss is a disappointment to this team’s incredible season that few people saw coming. Too bad they lost to fsu. The Texas A&M loss was strangely sad. Kelly probably gets coach of the year if he hadn’t laid an egg vs Jimbo.
  5. South Carolina: Here’s where things get really weird. No one, and I mean not 1 person had the Gamecocks finishing the season as the #5 team in the conference and branded as the "hottest team in the league" by any media outlet. The turnaround on offense and the final 2 wins of the season were absolute shockers. Made everyone say what could have been, if only things had come together sooner. What a riot this season was for the Garnet and Black. The absolute smothering of Tennessee almost had me put SC above LSU, but overall LSU is the west champ, so I gave them the nod. Finally beating a Clemson team who reminded me of the Tahj Boyd days, was a treat and a treasure.
  6. Miss St: Things begin to get a little tighter at this point. Both Mississippi schools saw 1 quality win. The bulldogs got the head to head over Ole Miss so they’re above them. Ended up a decent season.
  7. Ole Miss: everyone was really excited about this team. Then they got thumped by LSU barely hung on against TAMU and ended on a 3 game skid. They retained Lane, so good for them.
  8. Kentucky: No other way to look at this year other than a disappointment. To be ranked as high as #7. The wildcats beat 3 teams that were ranked at the time, but lost to Vandy. They are very fortunate to be at #8 for that loss.
  9. Arkansas: They beat SC and Ole Miss but lost to Liberty and Vandy. I don’t know what to say about this team or this season.
  10. Florida: The team could have been 11-1. Instead they ended 6-6. Congrats on beating the Gamecocks who had several players with the flu.
  11. Missouri: If you had told me at the beginning of the season that this team would lose close games by 1 score to the likes of Georgia and Kentucky, and would beat Arkansas- yet get blown out by Tennessee and K-State, I’d have called you a liar. Yet here we are. Congrats on making a bowl.
  12. Vandy: I said they’d ruin someone’s season, I didn’t expect it to be Kentucky and Florida they’d beat and somehow not ruin their seasons, because they were already ruined. Almost made a bowl. Way to go.
  13. Auburn: The tigers managed to fire a coach they never wanted after they hired him. Their interim was a hero, sort of. They hired Hugh Freeze and hope he figures it out. They beat Texas A&M this year.
  14. Texas A&M: Preseason top 10 I think? Greatest recruiting class ever? The team that finally topples Saban? Didn’t we hear all that nonsense before the season began? I’m glad things turned out the way they did. Fun to finally beat them.

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