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Bond between South Carolina QB Connor Mitch, North Carolina WR Jordan Fieulleteau began in high school

The high school teammates will be facing off against each other on Thursday.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

When South Carolina Gamecocks QB Connor Mitch takes the field against the North Carolina Tar Heels on Thursday in Charlotte, he may recognize some of the faces from the opposing sideline. Many of those players (over 50, in fact) played high school ball in the state of North Carolina.

The player that he undoubtedly has the strongest bond with? Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Jordan Fieulleteau, one of Mitch's primary targets during their careers at Wakefield High School in Raleigh who has referred to Mitch as his "best friend".

Mitch and Fieulleteau attended Wakefield side-by-side, both graduating in December 2012 and enrolling at their respective colleges in January 2013. Both redshirted in the 2013 season and didn't play a big role in 2014, but that should change in 2015. Mitch will lead the Gamecocks' offense as their starting quarterback; Fieulleteau, who hauled in just two catches a year ago, should register more than that this season.

Fieulleteau's numbers as a junior and senior were eye-popping: he hauled in 24 touchdowns in 2011 and folllowed that up with 25 a year later, both times leading the nation. His combined yardage total over those two years was 2,869 yards on just 197 catches, averaging out to over 14 yards a grab.

While the Mitch-Fieulleteau connection wreaked havoc on high school offenses toward the beginning of the decade, the tandem won't be able to do the same in college with their paths taking them separate ways (Mitch was heavily recruited by UNC and nearly joined his friend at Chapel Hill). But their exploits on Friday nights (although college is a different game) provide some evidence to support the belief that Mitch will do just fine under center for the Gamecocks.

Despite the final score on Thursday night, Mitch and Fieulleteau will as remain close to each other as they have been for the past number of years. Well, probably not for long if Mitch continues to hang 5-0 results on his former wideout in FIFA like he did over the summer.